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What We Do

Economic Mobility Corps

What is the Economic Mobility Corps?

IRC’s Center for Economic Opportunity is excited to be part of a national Economic Mobility Corps effort in 2022. This program was developed by AmeriCorps and the Department of the Treasury’s CDFI Fund and is sponsored by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. CEO will host 13 EMC Members, located in local offices across the IRC network.


Compensation & Benefits

EMC is an opportunity for members representing diverse communities to join in and gain experience in the CDFI sector, uplifting their voices to build local leadership. Members will serve 12-month terms, earn a $20,000 living stipend, and have access to health insurance and childcare benefits, just as in the traditional AmeriCorps program. Once they successfully complete their service, they can access a $6,345 education award through AmeriCorps to return to school or pay off existing qualified student loan debt.

  • This is an AmeriCorps position sponsored by LISC, with the term lasting 1 year. Compensation and benefits are paid and provided by LISC, and include:
  • Full time member will serve 1700 hours & term of 12 months.
  • $20,000 stipend payable in 24 equal installments over a 12-month period directly by LISC
  • Eligibility for a 100% premium paid Bronze level health care benefit and/or a child care benefit if the member is the primary care giver of a child aged 13 and under
  • $6,345 education award to return to school or pay off existing student loan debt upon successful program completion
  • CDFI 101 and Credit as an Asset Certificate, as well as training in Financial Coaching during the program

How To Apply

Each site below will host one EMC Member. You can apply for a position by following the links below, or by emailing a resume to

Application Deadline

EMC Members will be admitted on a rolling basis starting January 1st, 2022. Deadline for selection is April 1st, 2022.

Participating Sites

For more information on the EMC Program, visit LISC's website.

Want to learn more? Send an email to